D3.3 – Catalogue Service

This document marks the delivery of a federated domain specific search as a service for open data from PaN RIs. The search API service is running and serves live data from PaNOSC and ExPaNDS partner sites (ESRF, ESS, ILL and MaxIV). There is even a user web frontend that has been created in collaboration with WP4. 

The work builds on the two previous deliverables of PaNOSC WP3. First the API was proposed. In the second iteration the API was improved with input from the proof-of-concept demonstrator and site installations. Deploying the search API as a service for the community as part of this deliverable led to a number of improvements and clarifications in the API, driven by the practical use. In addition, the earlier API definitions left the question of how datasets can be queried using the techniques ontology and how to rank (score) results from different facilities open. This has now been defined and the implementation of the relevant modules at the partner sites has started. 

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