Data Simulation

PaNOSC has been developing the Virtual Neutron and X-ray Laboratory (ViNYL), which will offer services for simulation and modelling of neutron and photon sources, beamlines and experimental instrument, as well as start-to-end simulations to describe entire experiments at photon and neutron facilities.

ViNYL will thus enable users to rapidly implement simulation and analysis workflows specific to their facilities, instruments, and experiments. This is important, as simulations of the various parts and processes involved in complex experiments play an increasingly important role in the entire lifecycle of scientific data generated at RIs: from the idea for an experiment (often triggered by results from numerical and theoretical work), via design and optimization of experimental setups, estimation of experimental artifacts, generation of supporting material for beamtime proposals, assisting in decision making during an ongoing experiment to interpretation of experimental data, data analysis, and finally extrapolation from the obtained results which then leads to new experiments.

ViNYL will agglutinate in a PaNOSC-compatible e-infrastructure software packages based on developments made by the involved partners, such as:

Watch the interview with Mads Bertelsen on performing McStas simulations with McStasScript (+ DEMO)

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To find out more about ViNYL, visit the related section in the PaNOSC-ViNYL repository on Github

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