PaNOSC data policy framework

The increasingly high profile of issues surrounding preservation and access of research data makes it important to work towards harmonisation of data policies across the research base.

Harmonisation of PaN specific data policies and management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and ethical issues is one of the main objectives of the PaNOSC Science Cluster. In particular, considering that FAIR data principles more clearly define the concepts of Open Data, policies should be aligned with the current understanding of FAIR principles, while respecting the specific needs of the PaN community.

The work towards this achievement began by taking the Common Policy Framework of Scientific Data management at photon and neutron facilities developed in the frame of the FP7 PaNdata project, as a starting point for the further fine tuning of a common Open Data data policy.

In the process, some steps have been taken towards:

  • The definition and adoption of common open standards for interoperability;
  • Stewardship of data handled by the involved research infrastructures according to the FAIR principles;
  • The production of guidelines for best practices based on experience of those PaN partners who already have Open Data policies since a few years, to help partners adopt Open Data policies correctly from the start.

Based on the above-mentioned PaN Data policy, a new PaN data policy framework, to which single facilities’ specific data policies should adhere to, has been published, in line with the EOSC activities on data policy harmonisation. The developed policy ensures that FAIR principles are applied as broadly as possible. 

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