Data Catalogue

This section will give you easy access to the broadest sets of data from the diverse catalogues of European photon and neutron facilities, through the PaNOSC federated data catalogues using the federated search engine compatible with OpenAIRE.

PaNOSC supports an API infrastructure for federated access to FAIR data sources of different PaN RIs and a portal-like GUI (Graphical User Interface) that facilitates the use of the Federated API towards accessing data regardless of source and location. Moreover, the project has developed proposals for the semantic enrichment of data sources based on standards-based metadata and ontologies.

Who is the federated search API for?

The portal and federated search API enables PaN researchers to develop applications that leverage integrated access to PaN research data. This can have a positive impact on their competitiveness. Likewise, the federated API facilitates Research Infrastructures (RIs) to integrate their data sources with the datasets of other RIs as part of a unified FAIR data infrastructure.

Data repositories

PaNOSC encourages its members to store data produced by users at the research facilities and making it available as Open Data once the embargo period is over. Users can browse, download and store data at the following repositories:

For the Photon and Neutron software catalogue linked to the analysis and simulation software used in PaN facilities, please visit the PaN-Data Software Catalogue here.

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