Work packages

Work Package 5 – Virtual Neutron and X-ray Laboratory (VINYL)

Work package 5 will develop the “Virtual Neutron and x-raY Laboratory” (ViNYL). 

ViNYL will offer services for simulation and modelling of neutron and photon sources, beamlines and experimental instrument, as well as start-to-end simulations to describe entire experiments at photon and neutron facilities.

ViNYL will agglutinate in a PaNOSC-compatible e-infrastructure software packages based on developments made by the involved partners, such as OASYS, McSTAS and SIMEX. 

Strategies for interoperability in a python-based environment and use standardized file formats have started. Software packages in use are under integration in the PaNdata software catalog.  

The GitHub organization PaNOSC-ViNYL serves as the central hub for developments in WP5. It will collect forks of involved software projects and host the repositories for proper developments. 

Deliverables WP5

  • D5.1 – Prototype simulation data formats
  • D5.2 – Documented simulation APIs
  • D5.3 – Documented simulation tasks executable
  • D5.4 – VINYL software tested, documented and released, including integration into interactive simulation and analysis workflows
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