Interview with Juncheng E on the photon experiment simulation environment SIMEX (with DEMO)

PaNOSC, in the frame of work package 5, has been developing the Virtual Neutron and X-ray Laboratory (ViNYL), which will offer services for simulation and modelling of neutron and photon sources, beamlines and experimental instrument, as well as start-to-end simulations to describe entire experiments at photon and neutron facilities.

Juncheng E, scientist for photon experiment simulations at European XFEL, is one of the PaNOSC contributors involved in the development of SIMEX, a uniform API written in python to help users organize their start-to-end simulations for photon and XFEL experiments.

We interviewed him to have an overview of the tools currently available for such simulations, and to present some examples of the use of SIMEX.

In this respect, Juncheng showcased two demos related to serial crystallography and single-particle imaging experiments’ simulations, and introduced the developments envisaged in the future.

Watch the interview:

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