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PaNOSC aims to provide the infrastructure, service and training resources for e-learning for the use of both staff and users of photon and neutron sources. To this aim, the European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS) and the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI), with the support of staff at the Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen has provisioned the e-learning platform available here.

The PaN e-learning platform is adapted from developed in the EU projects NMI3 and SINE2020 specifically for neutron scattering. As part of PaNOSC, the platform has been migrated to ESS and will be tailored to the needs of PaNOSC partners, i.e. the content will be expanded to cater for both the photon and neutron scattering communities and training related to outcomes of PaNOSC including data stewardship and data analysis.

The PaN e-learning platform is now in operation and includes training modules in scientific topics related to PaN science, which are presented on the basis of three different teaching components: 

  • Moodle
  • MediaWiki
  • A virtual facility that enables students to perform virtual experiment simulations for neutron scattering.

The virtual facility will be expanded to also cover photon sources by adapting the simulation service Virtual Neutron and x-raY Laboratory (VINYL) developed in PaNOSC and Jupyter notebook technology will be integrated into the e-learning platform to enable development of tutorials in this environment.

A programme of workshops for training staff at the PaN facilities will be implemented in the field of data stewardship, to transfer the know-how on the use of the e-learning platform and develop new courses.

Training material will also be developed for the PaN community, to promote FAIR principles and best practices, as well as for introducing users to the PaNOSC services and capabilities of PaNOSC facilities.

Training topics span synchrotron radiation use and techniques, neutron properties and scattering, data analysis and simulation tools, and much more.

Watch the demo to learn more about the PaN e-learning platform

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The intention for the the future is to make the PaN e-learning platform the central hub for training of users and staff at photon and neutron sources. In the simplest case, to simply be a registry for existing courses, such as known from the Elixir training platform, but also to host advanced e-learning courses that makes use of the integrated components Moodle, wiki, Jupyter and the simulation platform ViNYL.

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