D6.1 – Data Hub

The work of WP6 concerning data transfer is driven by 3 different uses cases where we try to explore the technical solutions available today, to understand their limits and how they could be integrated in the RIs ecosystem (technical integration, sustainability, investment and operational cost, support organisation, etc.): 

  1. A RI wants to archive its experimental data in a remote data centre. 
  2. A user wants to access a data analysis service, data has to be available “transparently”. 
  3. A facility user wants to transfer a large dataset from an RI’s archive to a remote compute centre or her or his home pc. 

In the work related to this deliverable, the 2nd use case where a scientist wants to access a data analysis service offered by another organisation has been explored. The compute resources, where the service lives, are distant from the RI archive holding the data. 

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