D4.3 – Remote Desktop and Jupyter Service deployed at EOSC

The Work Package deliverable 4.3 comprises the production-level provision of two principal types of data analysis services: the remote desktop for graphical software use and the Jupyter Notebook for programmatic data analysis. These services, as per deliverable, are available running in virtual machines, bundled with the necessary software tools respectively frameworks, as a remote service via the Internet. They are required to have been created and deployed at one partner site minimum. 

This document reports on the production status of relevant implementations of remote data analysis services at all facilities concerned, where registration to the EOSC is a prerequisite to make them visible and available to a broader scientific community. As the deliverable concerned is closely based on the predecessor deliverable 4.2 (D4.2), defining the service prototypes, the report starts with a summary of D4.2, and explains the major deviation of service provision strategy upon transition from prototype to production. After presenting the separate solutions for both types of service and the VISA platform as integrated solution, with harmonised instances at all partner sites, the report concludes with a summary and outlook on sustainability of the data analysis services. 

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