Interview with Axel Bocciarelli and Loïc Huder on H5Web

H5Web is a web tool to easily browse, inspect and visualise data in HDF5 files, which has been integrated in the ESRF’s data portal. Using a web technology such as H5Web means that users don’t have to download heavy HDF5 files to their machines when running code on remote servers.

The viewer runs in JupyterLab and also supports the NeXus format, which is very common at PaN facilities. In the video, Axel Bocciarelli and Loïc Huder, from the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) and who contribute to the PaNOSC project in the frame of the work package on data analysis services, explain the work behind the setup of H5Web and its main features.

The video also includes a demo with an example of the use of h5web for HDF5 files’ visualisation, exploration and analysis, and specifically, of jupyter-slurm with HDF5 file from powder diffraction experiment, as well as of the viewer for diffraction images called Braggy.


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