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Work Package 9 – Outreach / Communication and Dissemination / Impact

The Outreach/Communication and Dissemination/Impact work package (WP) will set-up and deploy all useful and relevant tools (website, social media, print materials, articles and press releases, meetings at events, etc.) to inform and engage the project’s stakeholders on EOSC functionalities, operation and developments, and to disseminate the project’s outputs (reports, best practices’ guidelines, policies, standards, methodologies, technical and operation information, guidance documents, (video) tutorials, etc.).

CERIC-ERIC, as leader of the WP, will take care of promoting project’s activities, advancements and events, and of disseminating its outputs:

  • By producing promotional and informative content for publication on and distribution through all available project’s communications channels;
  • By ensuring that all press and communications officers at the partners, and therefore the management and staff at their institution, are timely informed and up to date about latest news and achievements related to the project;
  • By promoting the EOSC services developed in other WPs, and the training platform developed in WP8;
  • By supporting the communication and promotion of the project’s and other relevant EOSC-related events;
  • By sharing and circulating information, results and updates about the project to its stakeholders.

Deliverables WP9:

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WP9 Goals