Work packages

Work Package 8 – Staff and User Training

Work package 8 focuses on providing user and staff training in the realm of PaNOSC.

The Gantt chart below shows the schedule for activities, deliverables, and milestones in WP8.

The technical platform for WP8 is the e-learning platform, which as part of the work package will be migrated to ESS and adapted for the needs of all PaNOSC partners (incl. a new and more inclusive domain name). The platform has so far been developed by staff at Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen, which will also support the migration and further development of teaching materials.

WP8 will also integrate Jupyter technology from WP4 into the e-learning platform to enable development of tutorials.

In addition, WP8 intends to leverage the developments in WP5 to enable the use of instrument simulations for teaching purposes

Deliverables WP8:

  • D8.1 – Report on lessons learned and future prospects for adopting best practices data stewardship at the PaNOSC facilities
  • D8.2 – Report on lessons learned for adopting the e-learning platform at the PaNOSC facilities
  • D8.3 – Teaching material for users of PaNOSC services, FAIR principles, and the PaNOSCS facilities accessible in the e-learning platform aat
  • D8.4 – Closing report including report from summer school
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