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Work Package 7 – Sustainability

This work package will explore the issues related to the sustainability of the services developed and made available through the EOSC.

The identification of and interaction with the relevant stakeholders will be fundamental to address the open questions about the EOSC business model.

The metrics for costs developed in close collaboration with the facilities at an advanced stage of implementation of open access services, will allow the partners to propose realistic business models, which will be described by using the business model canvas.

The WP will work in close collaboration with the other WPs to identify and address issues that may either contribute or threaten the sustainability of the EOSC in the long term. This communication is expected to happen both ways: other WPs will feed into WP7 the results from their experience as the implementation proceeds, while WP7 will contribute with guidelines for the sustainable implementation of tools and services.

Since the factors affecting the sustainability of the PaN EOSC are strongly related with those of other clusters, this WP will dedicate efforts to iterative interactions with the other EOSC clusters, as well as with the other stakeholders.

Before submission, all deliverables foresee the production of a draft document to be discussed and refined according to the feedback of stakeholders and PaNOSC partners.

Deliverables WP7:

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