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Work Package 2 – Data Policy and Stewardship

Work Package 2 is about Data Policies and Data Management Plans. The goals are to: 

  • Produce guidelines on best practices based on existing Data Policies adopted by the Photon and Neutron RIs (ESFRI and national RIs),
  • Propose a new framework for Data Policies taking into account the FAIR principles
  • Adopt or align Data Policies at all PanOSC sites
  • Implement DMP templates for users applying for beam time at the PaNOSC sites.

The approach followed has been to survey the existing Data Policies of the PaNOSC sites – ILL, ESRF, EuXFEL, CERIC-ERIC, ESS and Observers (PSI, ALBA, SOLEIL, Diamond Light Source), and compile a document including commonalities and differences.

FAIR principles have then been studied in depth with the help of organisations specialised in interpreting and applying FAIR principles and GDPR to scientific research data (GO-FAIR, FAIRsFAIR). A set of guidelines will be produced by all PaNOSC RIs (including Observers), taking into account the specific needs of the Photon and Neutron community. 

A new Data Policy framework will then be produced for adoption or adaption of existing Data Policies at the PaNOSC partners. 

Some of the features already identified to be included in the Data Policies are: 

  • A common understanding of GDPR-compliant scientific research data; 
  • How to address rich metadata including electronic logbooks in Data Policies; 
  • How to include processed and/or analysed data;
  • What licence to adopt for research data. 

Assistance will be provided to labs needing to adopt the Data Policy (ELI, CERIC-ERIC) in the form of presentations and visits between labs, to explain and discuss the need to adopt and implement a Data Policy.

A set of DMP templates for users producing data at the PaNOSC sites will be produced by ESS and implemented at all partner sites. The templates will be based on existing online services for DMPs with customisation for the PaNOSC users. CERIC-ERIC will follow up the implementation of Data Policies with surveys, metrics and interviews of implementers and users.  

WP2 will work closely with WP3 and WP6 and WP7 to ensure that data policies are compliant with the requirements of the federation of catalogues over multiple sites, and with the EOSC data policy, and that are sustainable. 

Deliverables WP2

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