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Use case 12 – K-B System performance analysis

FERMI is the first and only seeded EUV-SXR free-electron laser (FEL) facility available to users. Three of its five end-stationg use a Kirkpatrick–Baez (KB) active X-ray optics system to focus the FEL pulses into the experimental chambers. Design, prototyping, metrology, performance analysis and commissioning have been carried on totally in-house.

WISER has been used to analyze the performance of the KAOS system both at the early development stages and during throughout the upgrade life-cycle. The wavelength range is 4nm-70nm.

WISER provides a complete beamline simulation accounting for the reflection in the tangential direction. Residual height profiles and microroughness Power Spectral Density are feeded to the simulator to compute the intensity distribution in the focal plane. Optimization routines are used to search for the best focus. The results of WISER are used as a reference for the actual optimization of the optical system. Ad the end of the process, numerical simulations are compared with experimental data obtained via two complementary techniques: PMMA ablation imprint and HArtmann Wavefront sensing.

Main contributors

Since 2015 WISER is an original product of the PADReS Photon Transport group (FERMI) and the Optics Group (ELETTRA), developed by M. Manfredda and L. Raimondi. Since 2019, with the support of A. Hafner (CERIC-ERIC) and of PANOSC, it has been provided a more powerful OASYS- Graphic Interface, for a better user (and scientist) experience.


All the hard and soft X-Ray facilities that are interested in accurately simulating the performance analysis of K-B, ellipsoidal, toroidal mirrors.

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