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OSCARS, Open Science Clusters’ Action for Research and Society


OSCARS brings together world-class European Research Infrastructures (RIs) in the ESFRI roadmap and beyond to foster the uptake of Open Science in Europe.

Such RIs are part of the five Science Clusters (Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Photon and Neutron Science, Astronomy, Nuclear and Particle Physics), which have strived to make open data easily accessible to the users and the public, by providing FAIR data management policies and practices for enabling Open Science.

Today, the Science Clusters are an integral part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative and, through OSCARS, will further contribute to its development and implementation process.

OSCARS’ Mission

OSCARS aims to further consolidate past achievements of the Science Clusters into lasting interdisciplinary FAIR data services and working practices.

Through a cascading grant mechanism, a broad range of research communities will be involved for the development of new, innovative Open Science projects, that together will drive the uptake of FAIR-data-intensive research throughout the European Research Area (ERA).

OSCARS will thus give an opportunity for inter-cluster cross-adoption and co-development of services that will be part of the EOSC Exchange portfolio.

Through OSCARS, Community-based Competence Centres (CCCs) will be established and operated, virtual research environments (VREs) will be deployed fostering the alignment of practices in scientific data analysis. Both objectives will contribute to consolidate the role of the clusters as thematic “EOSC Science Cluster Nodes.

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