Extreme Light Infrastructure – ELI ERIC

The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC (ELI ERIC) is an international laser facility with the aim to develop new interdisciplinary research opportunities using extreme light from the highest peak power laser sources, currently available, and dedicated to the purpose of research. It serves cutting-edge research in physical, chemical, materials and medical sciences, as well as breakthrough technological innovations. ELI ERIC is a distributed research infrastructure based on complementary facilities located in the Czech Republic (ELI Beamlines), Hungary (ELI-ALPS) and a third facility (ELI-NP) is under construction in Romania and expected to integrate as an ELI ERIC facility in the future.

ELI-DC role in PaNOSC

The ELI ERIC facilities will serve thousands of users generating an estimated 5-10 PBytes of scientific data every year. ELI is committed to provide its users with state-of-the-art tools, methods and services for the acquisition, analysis, curation, and preservation of experimental data. Participation in PaNOSC is an essential step for ELI to make this objective position and ensure that ELI develops in an integrated way with EOSC. ELI has been providing significant contribution to every work-package of PaNOSC. In particular, it co-leads WP8 (Staff and User Training), which is very closely related to the capacity building requirements of ELI at this stage. ELI’s participation has been supporting the adoption and implementation of a data policy and data management practices that comply with FAIR principles within the future ELI-ERIC. Last but not least, ELI has been ensuring the representation of the laser community within the consortium. 

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