The ESRF welcomed the 1st OASYS School

14-16 May 2019, Grenoble – France

Researchers and engineers from eight light sources in Europe and the Americas have met at the ESRF for the first OASYS School, a hands-on meeting to modelling synchrotron beamlines using OASYS (ORange SYnchrotron Suite). This user-friendly graphical environment developed by Luca Rebuffi and Manuel Sanchez del Rio incorporate well know tools such as SHADOW and SRW, among others.

The three-day-school covered calculations of the power and flux emitted by the different synchrotron sources, the simulation of complete beamlines using ray tracing and wavefront methods, and the automation of the simulations using programming techniques. Courses were taught by Manuel Sanchez del Rio (ESRF), Luca Rebuffi (ANL-USA), Xianbo Shi (ANL-USA) and Rafael Celestre (ESRF). Tom Schoonjans (DLS-UK) presented xraylib and Juan Reyes Herrera (ESRF) assisted the tutorials and Fabienne Mengoni and Christine Madonna supported the school organization.

The 1st OASYS School was sponsored by PaNOSC as part of the PaNOSC Training program.

The full course material is available online at

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