PaNOSC achievements and a look to the future – Material from the closing event

Over 120 participants, including IT staff and managers, RIs’ managers, communications specialists, EOSC project contributors and coordinators and expert scientists, attended the PaNOSC closing event held in Grenoble and online on 29-30 November 2022.

The event aimed to present the way forward for the major results achieved during the four years of the project. The project’s contributors gathered to discuss about the future and sustainability of the tools, software and services developed to make data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) at European Photon and Neutron (PaN) facilities, towards the implementation of a PaN Data Commons to further contribute to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The event gave also the opportunity to collect feedback and expectations of PaN scientists on their view on the future of FAIR data. Moreover, an overview of the policy issues related to the further implementation of the EOSC was addressed, by involving the Secretary General of the EOSC Association, Ute Gunsenheimer. The coordinators of other EOSC-related projects were invited to a dedicated session to share their best practices and lessons learnt from the experiences of their communities.

Click the links below to download the single event’s presentations and watch the sessions’ video recordings:

Session on PaNOSC key achievements and post-project plans (VIDEO RECORDINGS):

Session on PaNOSC (& ExPaNDS) highlights & vision of PaN Data Commons (VIDEO RECORDINGS)

Session “A user perspective: vision on FAIR data for PaN science” and roundtable on “users vision compared with RIs achievements” (VIDEO RECORDINGS)

Panel discussion on “Building on current projects for future INFRA-EOSC-01-01 for the PaN cluster” (VIDEO RECORDINGS | Presentation on INFRAEOSC-01-01)

With Andy Goetz (ESRF), Giorgio Rossi (NFFA-Europe), Giuseppe Piero Brandino (NFFA-Europe), Jean-Francois Perrin (ESRF), Majid Ounsy (SOLEIL Synchrotron), Nicolas Soler (ALBA Synchrotron), Patrick Fuhrmann (DESY).

PaNOSC closing event’s session on: EOSC Association on EOSC sustainability and future, with Ute Gunsenheimer (EOSC Association)(VIDEO RECORDINGS | Presentation)

Session on “What the EOSC Science Clusters funding changed for us” (VIDEO RECORDINGS)

Session on “EOSC ecosystem and its sustainability” (VIDEO RECORDINGS)

Session on “What PaNOSC changed for us” (VIDEO RECORDINGS)

Closing remarks (VIDEO RECORDINGS)

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