Online the EOSC cluster projects’ position papers on expectations and planned contributions to the EOSC

The future European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is shaped along action lines that are detailed in close collaboration between the EOSC governance boards and ESFRI. has collected stakeholders’ views on the implementation of EOSC, which ended up in a document presenting a collection of five position papers from all ESFRI cluster projects: PaNOSC, EOSC-Life, ENVRI FAIR, ESCAPE and SSHOC.

The ESFRI cluster projects were launched in 2019 in order to implement interfaces to integrate computer and data management solutions, to create cross-border and open cooperation spaces and to promote clouds via the EOSC portal for a larger user community.

Below is a summary of PaNOSC positions and inputs for the EOSC Working Groups:

EOSC WG Architecture:

  • Operate and sustain AAI, supporting AAI features implemented by PaNOSC and partners.
  • Distributed service for downloading and transferring data.
  • High performance, long term, storage and computing resources for open data.
  • Cross-domain federated search capability.
  • Services for data simulation and analysis.


  • Working on the full FAIR compliance of the PaNdata policy framework.
  • Working on extending metadata standards to enable wider usability of data.
  • Training scientists on FAIR data practices.
  • A common standard for FAIR data is required.

EOSC WG Sustainability:

  • A virtual open science environment, where content can be created can make EOSC more attractive to the scientific community and sustain its use in the future.
  • Long term financing plans for EOSC, to make it attractive to the scientific community and sustain its use in the future.

To read the full PaNOSC position paper on the EOSC, as well as those from the other ESFRI cluster projects, download the full document here, or from Zenodo (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3675081).

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