OASYS tutorial at the Hercules School

An OASYS hands-on tutorial for simulating propagation of X-rays along beamline optics was held in March 15 and 17 2022, in the context of the European HERCULES school.

This year, for the first time, the tutorial used the infrastructure set by the PaNOSC project. Students accessed the course material in the platform, which aims to become the unique entry point for courses on X-ray and neutron topics.

The possibility to run OASYS remotely (as a web application) was implemented by PaNOSC contributors from CERIC-ERIC. The remote resources, including access and computation time were provided through CERIC’s user portal VUO (Virtual Unified Office) by Elettra. Using the in-house developed RAFEC middle-ware, a Singularity container has been made available through the web browser. This solution was used simultaneously by a number of students.

The tutorial successfully ended with a commitment of evolving to a full on-line OASYS course in the future. For that, a separate Docker container has already been prepared which combines Jupyterhub and GUI Qt applications and is currently available on Docker Hub for download and Binder Hub for testing.

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