Multinational company Gpixel adopts H5Web developed by PaNOSC

The multinational company GPixel* uses the HDF5 file format extensively for validation, characterisation and volume production testing of image sensors. The company has recently adopted two software developed within PaNOSC: H5Web, the web-based HDF5 file viewer, and H5Grove, the Python package for serving HDF5 files.

HDF5 is a format to store data and metadata in a file-system-like manner. The use of H5Web will enable internal users at Gpixel to inspect and investigate test data and test images more quickly, without having to go through the hassle of downloading large data files and opening them in a separate program.

Adoption of H5Web outside of the PaNOSC community is a great sign that the project has been maturing and has achieved one of its initial goals of providing generic-enough visualisations for use in other scientific fields. Feedback from external communities is invaluable to the growth of the H5Web ecosystem, as uncovering and resolving bugs and new use cases helps build better software.

*Gpixel is a multinational company with offices in China, Belgium and Japan. They design and deliver off-the-shelf and custom CMOS image sensors that meet the demands of scientific, industrial, professional and medical imaging markets.

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