Jupyterlab-h5web released and presented at the JupyterLab Community Call

On 23 February, 2021, Loic Huder, Software engineer at ESRF, attended February’s JupyterLab Community Call, to present a JupyterLab extension being developed at ESRF to explore and visualize HDF5 file contents: jupyterlab-h5web [1].

The HDF5 file format allows to store multiple datasets in a single file and to organize the therein data in groups. Metadata can be added to describe such data, making it very useful for the scientific community for reproducible science. The majority of the data acquired at ESRF is now in HDF5.

Many scientists have been increasingly using Jupyter notebooks and JupyterLab for data analysis. With jupyterlab-h5web, it is now possible for them to explore and visualize HDF5 files directly in JupyterLab. The extension makes use of the h5web web viewer [2] (also developed at ESRF) to provide complete inspection and efficient visualization of the entities contained in an HDF5 file.

Watch Loic Huder’s presentation on Jupyterlab-h5web and the demo here:

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