Jupyterlab-h5web: explore and visualize HDF5 file content

jupyterlab-h5web is a JupyterLab extension to open HDF5 files in a JupyterLab tab and explore HDF5 files in Jupyter notebooks. HDF5 is a format to store data and metadata in a file-system-like manner.

JupyterLab 2 is officially supported and it should work in JupyterLab 3


Try it on Binder!


  • Browse the inside of HDF5 files 
  • Display nD datasets as curves and images with performant WebGL visualisations 
  • Inspect attributes and metadata 

jupyterlab-h5web also supports the NeXus 1 format, an HDF5 format dedicated to neutron, X-ray, and muon experiments. 


Reusing h5web visualisations

jupyterlab-h5web is based on H5Web 2, a viewer for HDF5 files written in React, where we develop the visualizations. The components, which include the main visualisation components (LineVis, HeatmapVis, etc.), as well as some of their lower-level building blocks, are exported in a library called @h5web/lib.

You can play around with the visualisation components in the Storybook documentation and reuse them by installing the NPM package @h5web/lib. The viewer application as a whole is available in the NPM package @h5web/app.

If you give our components a try, please tell us how it went!

Video presentations

If you prefer videos and can bear my awful presenting skills, here are two video presentations of the extension:


This extension is developed at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility as part of the PaNOSC project. The H5Web project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 823852.

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