FAIRsFAIR webinar on FAIRification of Services – Two Examples

8th April 2020, 3:00-4:00 pm (CET) – Online

On April 8th, from 3:00 to 4:00 pm (CET) In the frame of FAIRsFAIR’s Work Package FAIR Practices: Semantics, Interoperability, and Services, FAIRsFAIR organizes a webinar aiming at exploring two facets of the FAIRification of services: the FAIR assessment framework for data services, and the features of FAIR repositories.

The FAIR principles are explicitly targeted at both metadata and data, with data here being regarded as any digital resource, asset or object (e.g., APIs, workflows, ontologies, models, and others). However, digital objects can not be made FAIR without supporting infrastructure services that are FAIR themselves.

One approach is a systematic evaluation of the FAIRness of services. In this regard, FAIRsFAIR is developing a FAIR assessment framework for data services alongside a similar framework for research software. The interim “Assessment report on ‘FAIRness of services” is the topic of the first part of the webinar. The webinar will briefly review FAIR assessment frameworks for data and other digital objects and motivate the need for a similar framework for services.In the second part, the focus is on repositories, which not only give access (with needed restrictions) to research data and metadata, but are searchable and offer persistent identifiers which offer or enable search functionality. FAIRsFAIR’s Deliverable 2.3 – Set of FAIR data repositories features presents a list of the features of repositories which allows repositories not only to host FAIR digital objects, but also support the FAIR principles even better. 

After the presentations there will be time for Q&A and discussion; all feedback on the underlying reports will be welcome at the webinar and can also be offered online at the links provided above.

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