EOSC projects gathered at the EOSC jam session in Turin

On 6-7 June 2019 in Turin, Italy, EOSC Secretariat held its first of a series of events titled “EOSC Jam Session”, which gathered all Call-5 and EOSC ESFRI Cluster projects, including PaNOSC, with the goal of bringing all EOSC projects together, also involving stakeholders, in support of the EOSC governance in its goal to co-create the EOSC.

The workshop initially aimed to start shaping the EOSC synergies and coordination amongst the Call-5 projects (FAIRsFAIREOSC Secretariat, EOSC-Nordic, EOSC Synergy, NI4OS-Europe, EOSC-Pillar, ExPaNDS) and ESFRI cluster projects to synchronise and maximise their contribution to shape and construct the EOSC.

During the meeting, inputs were collected to feed the content of a collaboration agreement between all Call-5 projects, having the goal to minimise overlapping activities and maximise contributions. In addition, the method and scope for the production of a landscape analysis document foreseen by the end of 2019 were agreed upon. Finally, participants discussed possible options for a stronger collaboration between EOSC working groups and the various projects.

The EOSC working groups were presented by Ron Dekker, Executive Board Member and chair of the FAIR WG, whereas Jan Hrusak (EB member and chair of the Landscape WG) updated the participants about the latest discussions at the EOSC Executive and Governance Boards’ level.

The discussion between cluster projects’ representatives focused on the possibility to run in common the respective different landscape activities (e.g., survey of certifications, data policies, etc.), to then provide position papers to the WGs, the EB and the GB.

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