Building a PaN Data Commons on the outcomes of PaNOSC and ExPaNDS

PaNOSC project coordinator, Andy Götz, attended the NOBUGS 2022 (New Opportunities for Better User Group Software) conference held on 22 September at the Paul Scherrer Institut, with a presentation on the outcomes of the two sister projects, PaNOSC and ExPaNDS, and their contribution to building a PaN Data Commons as part of the EOSC.

The Data Commons acts as a single point of entry to search for and find data from the PaN facilities in Europe, and will thus provide a community service available to the EOSC to boost data sharing and re-use and ensure data from the PaN facilities are FAIR.

What’s the underlying concept of the PaN Data Commons?

  • Vision – Create a common space for PaNOSC and ExPaNDS facilities where petabytes of PaNFAIR data, analysis software, notebooks, workflows, and training material can be Found, Accessed (downloaded and/or executed), Re-Used + Improved i.e. FAIR.
  • Remote access – The PaNcommons will be accessible remotely while being executed locally (close to the data) or via the EOSC (data needs to be moved).
  • Remote users –the PaNcommons will enable and encourage remote users and experiments (urgently required in the post-COVID-19 phase and climate change).

Download the presentation here.

Watch the recordings of the talk

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The goal of the NOBUGS 2022 conference was to foster collaboration and exchange between scientists and IT professionals working on software for X-ray, neutron and muon sources from around the world.

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