PaNOSC at the Knowledge Network 2020 conference

On 25 November 2020, at 11.05 am CET, Aljoša Hafner (CERIC-ERIC) will present PaNOSC (in Slovenian) at the Knowledge Network (Mreža Znanja) 2020 conference, organized by ARNES, in cooperation with the Slovenian representation of the European project of the National Initiative for Open Science in Europe (NI4OS-Europe) and the community of the Slovenian national supercomputer network SLING. The conference will include a series of lectures on Open Data and Capacities.

PaNOSC aims at preparing the entire work process and data management in photon and neutron (PaN) sources (according to the FAIR principles) – from the experiment design to the long-term storage of published data. To achieve this goal, the project has been developing the necessary software tools and standards that will successfully map the existing workflow to the cloud and enable later upgrades. Cloud access will allow researchers to easily collaborate and access data, advanced computing capabilities, and data analysis programmes. As the experimental techniques offered at the various institutions are complementary, the application for experiments, and later also the processing of data, will be facilitated through a unified identity management system.

The e-learning platform has also been developed within the project. It will store specific training material on scattering methods offered by project members. Such material will be suitable for universities that do not offer such educational programmes.

The lecture by Aljoša Hafner will present PaN institutions and their mode of operation (“user facility”), and then, through some typical experiments, the work process from the beginning of the application registration, to the publication of the article.

In particular, it will be highlighted how the results envisaged in PaNOSC will shorten the time until articles’ publication, simplify access to infrastructure, and strengthen inter-disciplinarity.

The conference lectures will be held live, and slides and recordings will be published after the event.

The complete programme (in Slovenian) can be found here.