Joint CNECT-RTD EOSC concertation meeting

PaNOSC representatives will attend the EOSC Concertation meeting, jointly organized by CNECT and RTD, in Brussels on 9-10 September 2019.

The aim of the workshop is to increase the visibility of the EOSC-related projects funded by the DGs CNECT and RTD, explore their current state of achievement and discuss issues and potential regarding the next steps towards building the EOSC. In addition to all currently active EOSC-related projects funded from the H2020 programme by the DGs CNECT and RTD, the meeting also provides an opportunity to interact with the members of the Governance and Executive Boards and to understand the work done within these bodies.

The objectives and progress of PaNOSC will be presented by the project coordinator, Andy Götz.

Download here the event’s agenda