PaNOSC and ExPaNDS session at the EGI conference 2020

PaNOSC and ExPaNDS will contribute to the 2020 virtual edition of the EGI conference, with the panel session “Achieving a Photon and Neutron community federated cloud in EOSC”, taking place on 2 November 2020, from 13:15 to 14:45 CET.

During the event, representatives of the two projects will present PaNOSC and ExPaNDS’ contributions to:


  • Andy Götz (ESRF)
  • Patrick Fuhrmann (DESY) (Download the intro presentation on the two projects here)
  • Brian Matthews (STFC)
  • Alun Ashton (PSI)
  • Nazaré Guimard (Soleil)
  • Thomas Holm Rod (ESS)

With the theme “Federated infrastructures for connected communities” the EGI Conference aims to bring together science, computing, and (international) collaboration through a diverse and interactive programme on topics spanning computing, data management, authentication-authorisation, and data analytics.

Watch the recordings of the EGI Conference 2020 Opening Plenary here:

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