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Deliverable 1.2 Mid-year summaries of regular video conferences (M42, R, PU, ESRF).
This will consist of a summary of the regular video conferences that will take place as part of Task 1.2 Project management and coordination and it will include news from the partners about their progress and a snapshot of the current health of the project.

Deliverable 1.3 Report of annual workshop (M48, R, PU, ESRF)

These reports will focus on the activities of the annual workshop, status of the project, summary of progress achieved during the year, residual risks, main changes to the project and a report from the Executive Committee.

Deliverable 4.4 Publicly accessible demonstrator (M48, DEM, PU, CERIC-ERIC)

Deliverable 5.4 VINYL software tested, documented, and released, including integration into interactive data analysis workflow with feedback loop. (M48, R+Software, PU, All)

Deliverable 6.5 Report on EOSC integration (M48, R, PU, ILL)

The deliverable will report on PaNOSC organizational, technical and strategic activities contributed to establish a PaNOSC data, application and services Commons. In particular, the deliverable will report on EOSC service management processes and the related performance, including incident management, data archiving and distributed computing in EOSC, and experience in cloud procurement and adoption.

Deliverable 6.6 Report on planning, enabling, supporting integration and provision of services from WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP8 into the EOSC portfolio (M48, R, PU, EGI)

Deliverable 7.3 Photon and Neutron EOSC Business model reference document (M42, R, PU, CERIC-ERIC)

Deliverable 7.4 Photon and Neutron EOSC Sustainability plan( M48, R, PU, CERIC-ERIC)

Deliverable 8.3 Teaching material for users of PaNOSC services, FAIR principles, and the PaNOSC facilities accessible in the e-learning platform at, task 8.5-7 (M42, DEC, PU, ESS)

Deliverable 8.4 Closing report including report from summer school, task 8.8 (M48, R, PU, ESS)

Deliverable 9.4 Dissemination and Outreach activities (M48, DEC, PU, CERIC-ERIC) – Report

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