D7.2 – Photon and Neutron EOSC metrics and costs model

The document reports the result and analysis of the collection of costs reported by partners for the data services provided to the community, including the costs involved in data management, provision of FAIR data and participation to the EOSC.

The collection was performed by five PaNOSC partners that run very different infrastructures in terms of their nature (synchrotrons, neutron sources, free electron lasers, lasers), size, FAIRness level achieved at the moment of the cost collection and services provided, lifecycle and accounting practices. However, although the identification of cost drivers was a challenging exercise, the information collected could help other RIs to estimate the costs involved in the provision of these services.

The costs associated with the EOSC are based on the available budget and not on the actual costs ruled by demand. The future demand of services from a wider community is still to be assessed, since the services are still being setup and made available openly. However, it is clear that with the current budget RIs will provide services, including long term storage and curation, on a best effort basis and that if a wider community will need to benefit, funding will need to be increased proportionally.

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