D6.4 – Demonstration of the PaN software catalogue integration into EOSC – Support document

The Photon and Neutron (PaN) software catalogue was created in 2012 to collect and provide a standard selection of different data processing and simulation software used in the community. The software in the catalogue can be freely consulted and downloaded, and provides an overview of software available for neutron and photon experiments, their use with respect to instruments at experimental facilities and information about their support.

The ILL IT team was in charge of the development tasks linked to the upgrade of the software catalogue.

The development work took place during winter 2020-2021, the solution was rolled out in production in April 2021. The code of the application has been modernised to support container deployment (i.e. docker) and facilitate maintenance, and the two main functionalities necessary to integrate EOSC (AAI and Rest API) have been added.

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