D3.4 – Implementation report from facilities

The document summarises the per-partner progress towards delivering integrated services as part of the European Open Science Cloud. It is the first deliverable that prominently features output from task 3.4 of the grant agreement with focus on the integration of data production facilities with the data catalogues. The task held a best practices workshop that was reported on in a previous milestone. This deliverable concludes the per-partner integration efforts to make cataloguing part of their data workflows. 

Extending on the previous deliverables, the partners took the opportunity to iterate the progress to make local API implementations and data repository mappings compliant with the common search API that was the subject of previous work. At this point, 3 (ESRF, ESS, CERIC) out of the 6 PaNOSC partners have been able to deploy a search API that complies with the agreed minimum functionality. The other 3 have implemented the search API and are working on completing the scoring before the end of the project. Much effort is still devoted to achieve basic compliance of the API and to run the scoring (ranking) of results. Consequently, few partners are engaged in the curation of data, focusing on making locally catalogued datasets compliant with the common mapping for parameters, techniques, roles, etc. 

In addition, this report starts off by covering the progress partners have made towards making their public data harvestable by EOSC services and other third parties, exposing data using established APIs, schemas and services. At the time of this writing, some partners have managed to deploy a working endpoint that is correctly and continuously harvested. Others were able to deploy the endpoints, but no public data could be made available. 

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