D1.2 – Data Management Plan

D1.2 concerns the Data Management Plan (DMP) for the PaNOSC project. The purpose of this deliverable is to support the data management life cycle for all data that will be collected, processed or generated by the project. It provides a description of the data types the project will generate and how the data will be collected and stored and made available for validation, exploitation and re-use by others. 

The PaNOSC project is about providing support for scientific data management and linking scientific data to the EOSC. In this respect PaNOSC does not produce any scientific data. PaNOSC produces services, software for managing scientific data and documents (deliverables) on scientific data management and services. The DMP covers these data as well as recommendations for the scientific data which will be managed by PaNOSC. 

The information in the DMP will be updated during the course of the project. 

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