Photon and Neutron Competence Centre

The OSCARS project has defined a CLuster Open science Competence Centre (CLOCC) as a virtual hub dedicated to fostering research excellence through training and knowledge transfer. The CLOCCs are community-based initiatives supported by a collaborative network of people in the context of the Science Clusters providing expertise, best practices and services in relation to Open Science, and the promotion of cross-disciplinary collaborations. 

With this in mind, and in order to support the Photon and Neutron Open Science Cluster (PaNOSC), the PaN Competence Centre (PaN CC) will take the shape of a collaboration between PaNOSC Research Infrastructures (RI) and the scientific community they serve to promote Open Science, FAIR data and share knowledge, best practices and training.

The PaN RIs wish to continue their long-term role in framing an offer to accompany, help, involve, coordinate, and empower scientists to commit to Open Science practices, to uptake EOSC, and to foster the uptake of PaNOSC and the other Science Clusters’ services and solutions. 

The PaN CC will start its work by:

  • Raising awareness of funding opportunities for PaN facilities
  • Building and adopting a common vocabulary for Open Science
  • Tagging PaN CC content with PaNET terms to allow easy searching for technique-appropriate material
  • Creating a catalogue of best practices
  • Extending a catalogue software and services that enable Open Science and FAIR data
  • Creating a community of individuals with the expertise and competences required to help and guide others on these
  • Improving the PaN Training Catalogue with existing and new content
  • Promoting events and trainings related to Open Science and FAIR data

Are you part of the PaNOSC community? Would you like to join us? Please contact us on

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